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Reason: Old bug

Zooming is a graphical phenomenon that has been happening in places all over RuneScape, often in places such as Edgeville and Clan Citadels.

When the 'zoom' occurs, the camera angle moves closer to the player, with a slight offset, such that the player is not at the centre. While 'zoomed in' mouse-clicks and other actions occur normally but they refer to the squares and objects that would be visible in the non-zoomed version - i.e. what you are seeing is different than and NOT what your clicks will do it will affect it the same as afterwards when the zoom angle goes back out.

Feature vs. Bug

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Many players are assuming that zooming is a bug or a glitch. It however is not a bug nor a glitch. It is actually, quite simply put, a cutscene. It is a hidden cutscene event, except for the cutscene is *actually* a cutscene of you, right then, and right there. It can be great or bad, it is what you make it.

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