Runecrafting Guild and Game - For All Players!

Runecrafting Guild and Game - For All Players!

Ever since a brave adventurer rediscovered Runecrafting, mages from the Wizards' Tower have been working hard to figure out its intricacies. In fact, so many have been drawn to Runecrafting's secrets that a guild has formed.

Not everything is rosy and happy in the guild. An argument has raged over the magical reaction that creates rune stones: are green or yellow orbs more important in the process? Agree to resolve their conflict and you'll find yourself in our newest minigame, The Great Orb Project!

The purpose of this team-based minigame is very simple: collect more coloured orbs than the opposing team. Watch out, though, as they will be pushing your orbs out of the way to stop you winning. This frenetic minigame offers few rules and a great alternative to conventional Runecrafting - all with a range of rewards, of course. Expect rune essence, Runecrafting XP and new magical equipment if you wipe the floor with your opponents.

The Runecrafting Guild also offers a number of features that are not tied to the minigame. The rune altar map helpfully shows the location of all altars; one mad wizard has learned how to repair abyssal pouches; and the head of the guild is working on a marvellous omni-talisman that combines the powers of all existing talismans into one.

Note that the guild is available to both free players and members - the Runecrafters want all the help they can get!


Where to find the Runecrafting Guild:

The guild can be accessed through a portal, upstairs in the Wizards' Tower.

Requirements to access the Runecrafting Guild and minigame:

Level 50 Runecrafting
Rune Mysteries
The guild is available on F2P, but some individual features are for members only

Access to:

A new guild
A fast-paced, team-vs-team Runecrafting minigame - The Great Orb Project
Various new items for runecrafters, including a new outfit

In other news...

Beyond the Runecrafting Guild, this update brings you a few small things that should make your lives easier...

Kazgar, Mistag and Dartog have been given right-click options so you can quickly ask them to guide you through the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Elkoy, the guide from the Tree Gnome Village maze, has been given a similar option.

When you previously right-clicked on a chat message from another player, you were always offered the option to 'Add friend' and 'Add ignore'. If that player was already on your Friends list, those options weren't very useful, so we've replaced them with a new 'Message' option. This is identical to what would happen if you clicked on your friend in your Friends List. (This is not available on Quick Chat-only worlds.)

Tai Bwo Wannai village welcomes its newest arrival, Imiago. If you've completed Jungle Potion, he'll be willing to protect your calquat trees from disease in exchange for eight poison ivy berries.

The gardeners who protect bush patches have always demanded payment to look after poison ivy bushes. It's been pointed out on the Forums that poison ivy bushes never get diseased anyway, so the gardeners no longer offer to look after them.

We've also fixed the following bugs:

  • Treasure Trail sliding puzzle boxes were getting stuck, making them impossible to complete.
  • The roof of the Grand Exchange was failing to disappear correctly when you stood underneath it. Similar bugs were affecting the front of Varrock Palace and bits of the Warriors Guild.
  • The Amulet of Catspeak was incorrectly positioned on female characters.
  • The Amulet of Fury was not rendering correctly with the Bandos chestplate on male characters.
  • If you wore a blue snelm, your chathead was appearing yellow.
  • The 3D models for skillcapes were using too many polygons, resulting in bizarre graphical glitches. They have now been remodelled to resolve this problem; their appearance is largely unchanged, but you may notice some slight changes.
  • Mud pies were positioned incorrectly when you wielded them.
  • Flared trousers were rendering incorrectly with most boots.
  • The 'fine shirt' base kit had a glitch affecting the neck area on male characters.
  • The mind tiara was missing part of its model.
  • Baba Yaga's hair was clipping through her hat.
  • The progress hats from the Mage Training Arena were not rendering correctly with players' hair.
  • Radimus Erkle, master of the Legends' Guild, had a rendering problem with his cape.
  • The obsidian cape was rendering incorrectly with certain tops.
  • Bogrog was checking for the wrong Summoning level when players tried to exchange praying mantis pouches for shards.
  • Trimmed chaps and Wilderness capes were rendering incorrectly on female characters.
  • The mime mask and zombie mask items were displaying incorrectly during dialogue.
  • Players could walk through a rope barrier in the Varrock Museum.