"Skilling, Chilling, and bankstanding! Join as a guest for an invite!"

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Ramrod is a social clan focusing on bossing and skilling. We are accepting of a variety of personalities, without passing judgement.

***The chat has the potential for vulgarity,profanity, and controversial topics.***

Rules: 1. Be civil with everyone, including guests in the clan.
             2. No acts of deceit or conspiracy to deceive others.
             3. No begging.
                                            ---Perks of Ramrod---
1. Capping is optional! But remember, it's free XP!
2. Bossing events for lower and mid tier bosses.
3. Friendly clan mates experienced in most areas of the game!

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Top Clanmates

Mr Zell Mr Zell Owner
Shawn iam Shawn iam Deputy Owner
Creamy Pesto Creamy Pesto Deputy Owner
Hi Im Rory Hi Im Rory Deputy Owner
NotGoodAlso NotGoodAlso Deputy Owner
Super Wave Super Wave Overseer
Probabilsm Probabilsm Coordinator
HypotheticaI HypotheticaI Organiser
Pootez Pootez Organiser
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Author Thread Title Date
Mr Zell Welcome to Clan Ramrod! 30-Jul-2018 05:12
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