Courage the Cowardly

Courage the Cowardly

"PvM, Clan Events & GP Prizes, Great Community, Discord Server, Join Today!"

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Welcome to Courage the Cowardly!

We're a social/PVM clan. We're a bunch of misfits who finally fit with others. If you're looking for a clan that is fun and helpful, we might be the right fit for you. We host events, have an active clan chat, and are getting into group skilling!

Feel free to guest in our clan and check us out.

QFC: 90-91-266-65891274

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Perkin Perkin Coordinator
o Gandalf o Gandalf Organiser
Termsofservc Termsofservc Organiser
Queen0fBong0 Queen0fBong0 Admin
N Z T 6 9 N Z T 6 9 General
KingEthereal KingEthereal General
Bill_McD Bill_McD General
x valkyrie x x valkyrie x Captain
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Clan event 51 20-Aug-17 21:00
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