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Welcome to Lethal Vendetta. Our clan leader is Widow Makr and our deputy owners are Zero Hp and Knee.
 Recruiting f2p and p2p. Citadel is a requirement for p2p.
This is a social and pvm clan.

Clan Rules this is what is expected of you.
1.) Respect of self
2.) Respect of others
3.) No racial slurs, no bashing the LGBT community, and no L*BT slurs
4.) No flaming in our CC or on our forums
5.) Follow the rules of Jagex as well
6.) No begging for items or gp.

- If you break rules 1,2,3,4,6 first offence is a formal verbal warning. Second offence 1 loss of rank. Third Offence another loss of rank, Fourth offence, you will be kicked from clan.
*If you are caught breaking rule number 5, it is automatic kicking from clan and permanently banned.... there are no exceptions to this rule and no second chances*

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Widow Makr Widow Makr Owner
Zeke Yeager Zeke Yeager Deputy Owner
Slayer Van Slayer Van Overseer
Ilenia Ilenia Overseer
Robert Burns Robert Burns Organiser
Brat Slayer Brat Slayer Organiser
Ronin Monk Ronin Monk Organiser
BloodFart BloodFart Admin
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