"Pking without fun is like party without beer"

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Rpk is a group of friends found by laurakeseke and die sel boy
and been mainly focused on F2p PKing around rune rocks.

We have been out since 2006 till wilderness was removed
and poorly replaced with Bounty Hunter and PvP worlds.
But after wilderness return we become again active and start pking around
Rune Rocks as small team promoting quality over quantity.

Since EOC come out we officially closed and Quit Runescape.

Ty everyone for PKing it was fun as long as it last.
Dirty Allan, Dirty Laura, Dirty 12Inch, Dirty Kelly, Dirty Krizis, Dirty Wisdom,
11 Raiders, Gereed123, Skulllicious, Majo94, Kasn1s, Celibacy, Vyer0x Pur3,
Why u N0ob, StatineAlaus

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