Empire of Pain

Empire of Pain

""Nothing will work unless you do. All for the Empire!""

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Long ago, when the world was young, a few brave souls decided that a clan shall be formed. Against all odds and others wanting them to fail, they pulled through. Using other's desires for them to fail, as their own desire to grow.

We are a family, loyal to the clan and to our own,

We pave the road for each other,

Clanmates, lead the way!

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Bunnyonfire3 Bunnyonfire3 Owner
Heybib Heybib Deputy Owner
Waqki Waqki Deputy Owner
Redstone33 Redstone33 Deputy Owner
Salmon Man Salmon Man Deputy Owner
sir dark7 sir dark7 Deputy Owner
dethzchilln dethzchilln Deputy Owner
DethzArcher DethzArcher Deputy Owner
Cyber Raptor Cyber Raptor Deputy Owner
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Author Thread Title Date
Bunnyonfire3 Rules and Ranking 03-Dec-2018 01:31
Bunnyonfire3 Kill-on-sight list 27-Feb-2018 04:32
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