Limitless Syndicate

Limitless Syndicate

"Large community-based clan with something for everyone! All players are welcome!"

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Limitless Syndicate is a welcoming social community-based clan, always searching for more dedicated and long term members. We are focused on building and maintaining a friendly environment that creates a memorable experience for all members.

We offer a range of activities to do with other members for connecting and having a good time. Things such as social events, PvM gatherings, general advice or socialization within the clan chat to name a few. Gold prizes are occasionally offered for various events and a weekly raffle is held for citadel cappers, giving everyone a chance to win if they help out! We also host a discord channel for members and guests to communicate freely off-site.

Limitless Syndicate tries its best to put your needs first to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience and feels part of an important and ever growing RuneScape community. Please feel free to guest in our clan chat and ask for an invite today!

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Kurtuhc Kurtuhc Deputy Owner
Liyky 2 Liyky 2 Deputy Owner
Murder Doll Murder Doll Deputy Owner
SirMrBudword SirMrBudword Overseer
Droopy Wood Droopy Wood Overseer
RyuuTatsujin RyuuTatsujin Overseer
Palmerex Palmerex Overseer
Myagi Myagi Coordinator
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