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We were founded 5 years ago and have been going ever since, recently the clan grew much bigger and we're always looking for new recruits. We do events daily which include, pvp based events, pvm based events and skilling events. We also help hold parties when someone wants to celebrate anything, like a getting 99 in a skill or to get the Helm of Trials.

Anyone can join, just PM Madmunster, Poiple, or Mr Ant or Ben of Rs. If You're looking for a citadel, this is the place! We are working towards tier 7, slowly but surely and will hopefully acheive it, members are not forced to help at the citadel however doing so helps your rank shoot up and is much appreciated!

We do daily events, usually PvP based. However we also do weekly clan lotto events, which is a good chance for members to make money. We have a few dedicated **Mer's in the clan who also try and hold regular PvM events.

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