Angels of Wrath

Angels of Wrath

"Wheter you are a mean skiller or peaceful killer, everyone is welcome !"

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Welcome to Angels of Wrath's Clan Page

AoW is a frienly gathering of people with an open atmosphere, an environment in which you can relax and socialize in or reach your Runescape goals.

Angels of Wrath is a mature, social, skilling, monster killing active bunch of people. Most of us have acitve lives outside of runescape, but like to get on and socialize in our free time, creating team events, going bosses together or skill and chat.

Whether you're a mean skiller, or a peaceful killer. Everybody is welcome!

Clan Info
• Established September 14th 2013;
• Citadel Tier 7 with almost every creation possibility maxed;
• Discord Server [ join here: ];
• Mid/High Lvl PvM Teams;
• Skilling competitions with a top 10 in highest weekly xp;
• No mandatory events/capping although most players choose to;
• Ranking system: Being an active and social part, helping clan members, joining events and lastly citadel capping.

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Napkin Tea Napkin Tea Owner
Matt Stryker Matt Stryker Deputy Owner
Alita x Alita x Deputy Owner
EightySixtin EightySixtin Deputy Owner
Randynumbers Randynumbers Deputy Owner
Ragelight9 Ragelight9 Overseer
duck pure 2 duck pure 2 Overseer
Capdown Capdown Coordinator
Silsberg Silsberg Coordinator
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Author Thread Title Date
Randynumbers Angels of Wrath 17-May-2020 20:51
Randynumbers Angels of Wrath 14-May-2019 11:51
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