Blue Knights

Blue Knights

"BK pride never dies!!!"

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[EN] The Blue Knights clan was founded on 16th of June 2007 by a slovak player Viktor 36. This small country clan was the target of many taunts. But with over four years of existence is still among us and never gives up. Now the clan is increasing its experience and power. As BK is a small country clan, only Czech and Slovak Players may join it. Thank you for visit. We hope to see you again soon at some war or any other kind of cooperation.

Contact Viktor 36 for more information

[SK] Klan Blue Knights zalozil 16. jśna 2007 slovenskż hrac Viktor 36. Tento maly country klan bol tercom mnohy** posmeskov, ale s viac ako stvorrocnou existenciou je tento klan stale med*i nami a nikdy sa nevzdava. Teraz klan zleps*je svoje skusenosti a silu. Klan je zamerany na*** na Clan Wars. Ak aj vy chcete hrdo bojovat po boku dobrych priatelov, tak nevahajte a pridajte sa k nam!

Poziadavky su :
Combat level 90 bez summoningu
75+ Ranged alebo Magic

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