Blue Steel

Blue Steel

"There is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking."

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We're an Australian based clan, started in October 2013.
The four leaders know eachother in real life, and three of them are part of a channel that has won multiple Golden Gnome awards.

We are a laid-back, social skilling clan that hosts regular events in PvM, Mini-games,  citadel skilling etc. We have a mature, friendly player base and are looking to grow into something special. We take pride in our quickly growing citadel, which isn't compulsary to cap in, by the way.

We have an official clan website, which you can ask for a link to - on there we have all of our events and other important information ready for you to read.

We're always willing to help out, so come and join our merry little band of players.

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Top Clanmates

Zap Zap Owner
Siyathemba Siyathemba Deputy Owner
Indy Pendant Indy Pendant Deputy Owner
EDGE51 EDGE51 Admin
Anaaru Anaaru General
Kanye South Kanye South General
[#8L7LEPSL5] [#8L7LEPSL5] General
Njor Njor General
K A Y x K A Y x General
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