"Welcome to The Unkindled, a clan where everyone is welcome :) "

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We are a clan for members of any skill level & experience. We offer a friendly, social environment sure to get you finding your way through anything. We help each other out whenever we have the chance.
We like skilling with some focus on combat as well.

We do a lot of weekly and bi weekly events, along with daily recruitment. We also do many spontaneous events, depending on how many of us are online and what's requested. We also have a discord chat which is always active along with our in game clan chat.

PvM, questing, diversions, mini-games, bossing, active upward mobility for administrative ranks.

-No level requirements, all welcome....Please see dark1859 for fastest results on joining.

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dark1859 dark1859 Owner
iAzzanadra iAzzanadra Deputy Owner
Vehementi Vehementi Deputy Owner
DS Ornstine DS Ornstine Overseer
Jim 0f Slim Jim 0f Slim Coordinator
God_Cookies God_Cookies Coordinator
Crazyfooser Crazyfooser Coordinator
Deathforu2 Deathforu2 Coordinator
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