Casual Elitists

Casual Elitists

"A home for all styles of PvM! Casuals are welcome, and elitists fit right in!"

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Just a small clan aspiring to become a sizable addition to the PvM community. All styles of PvM are welcome, so don't shy away, learners! However, end-game PvM is still an integral part of the clan, so if you're not willing to learn, then keep looking!

You are required to be at least level 130 Combat Level to join, in addition to having a tier 87+ weapon, with the respective tier 80+ armor.

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Mega T07 Mega T07 Deputy Owner
Its Mega T22 Its Mega T22 Deputy Owner
Big Wily D Big Wily D Admin
NazoBravo NazoBravo Admin
Grof142007 Grof142007 Admin
hahaKms hahaKms Admin
RS Sai RS Sai Admin
Sai PVM Sai PVM Admin
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