Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn

"Pray for War, Kill for Peace"

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Looking for a mature, friendly clan to have fun?.

Currently we ARE ACCEPTING NEW Members to be a part of a growing group.
Into Bossing? No Problem.
Looking to Chill and Relax with Skilling? No Problem.
Want Event's? No Problem.

We want to do it all and help each other.
Send us a Message, If can't, join as a guess and talk to us and if we are what your looking for, Then we will come to you with an Invite.

We Do Have Rule's as others does and like them to be followed.
1. Don't curse at any Clanmates, This will result in punishment,
2. Be nice, If someone has done something to you, Tell Us who and what it was, Even Screen Shot it as proof.
3.Don't Argue or cause Drama, Bring Conflict in and drag members into it.

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I Derfdog1 I Derfdog1 Owner
Xarius Prime Xarius Prime Deputy Owner
Mr Knowitall Mr Knowitall Deputy Owner
Kenra Kenra Overseer
Musashi801 Musashi801 Overseer
Sins of Derf Sins of Derf Overseer
CorruptFears CorruptFears Overseer
Chibioniyuri Chibioniyuri Coordinator
Andrew Olson Andrew Olson Organiser
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Type Description World Date/Time
PvM - Boss 117 18-Mar-17 21:00
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