Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels

"give him a fish he eats foa day but teach him to fish and he eats 4 a lifetime"

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We are a public clan where anyone who is a member can join, capping is required weekly. We are a clan who are here for the fun and the bonuses of the game, come join us and be a part of the soon to be best clan in Runescape. We boss together, skill together, and we are friendly to each other. As we move up through the ranks, all the rises and falls we take will only help us to come out on top.

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Cyber Valley Cyber Valley Owner
Sward65 Sward65 Deputy Owner
Trunkuza Trunkuza Overseer
JaredáG16 JaredáG16 Coordinator
Rubora Rubora Organiser
ShakaáFist ShakaáFist Admin
Ciemnosc15 Ciemnosc15 Admin
Jbobo15 Jbobo15 Captain
KaptainBludd KaptainBludd Captain
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Activities 40 12-Feb-17 02:30
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