Dulce Domum

Dulce Domum

"Sir Bubbabob is a great guy"

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Welcome to Dulce Domum, where we hope you will feel Sweetly at Home and a part of our Family. We are a laid back group of mature players, that enjoy spending time together.

All we ask is that you:

Follow RS rules
Do not be too much of an idiot
Do not gamble in clan (Dicing, flower games etc.)
Respect each other (keep cussing to a minimum)
Help if and where you can
Participate as often as you can
Avoid discussions that may provoke clashes in views, such as Politics & Religion
Leave any Drama at the door
Ensure that you have all staff added, other members may be added at yours/their discretion.

After all, a Clan is the sum of its members, it is what we all make it.



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Myk Myk Owner
1puttski 1puttski Deputy Owner
KnifeEdge KnifeEdge Overseer
Poldark632 Poldark632 Overseer
Copups Copups Overseer
Sinderella Sinderella Overseer
Dendroctonus Dendroctonus Overseer
Sir Bubbabob Sir Bubbabob Overseer
Dejyce Dejyce Overseer
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Myk Welcome to Dulce Domum 24-Feb-2017 12:14
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