"Even2all-Discovering Runescape Through Friendship"

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*** Welcome to the clan site of Even2all ***

This organization is a "community" clan, holding monthly Skill Contest and optional Events for all members. Such Events can include: GWD, Nex, CLW, Corp****, SW********, PC and any other Event VOTED by the clan-mates.
All activities are NOT mandatory for P2P and F2P members.

We accept any level of player with maturity, personality, and potential.  E2A encourages growth in a member's person, both in one's attitude and statistics.

Our clan takes pride in our international time zones and cosmopolitan nature. This clan exists with a dedicated leadership since 2008, and has held Skill-week Contests and Events via our Clan Forum.

Furthermore there has been accumulated a respective knowledge base of Guides;Tips and Tricks and is accessible to all our E2A core members in external site.

Close, family-like relationships are formed through CC and our optional, external site, union activities and lighthearted socialization.

Recruiting only E2A.

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Even2all Even2all Deputy Owner
Turtle 34788 Turtle 34788 Deputy Owner
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Wadster64 Wadster64 Deputy Owner
Emperor AOK Emperor AOK Overseer
Proud Mom03 Proud Mom03 Overseer
Jax9222 Jax9222 Overseer
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