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Genesis United

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Welcome to the Genesis United community!

What is "Genesis United"?

Founded in the pursuit of a new beginning, the members of this community are united by our mutual respect of and maturity towards one another.

This community was created pursuant to a better community - one in which all members are equally represented, in both voice and person. Here, decisions are deliberated upon amongst members before being made, ensuring that all members are maximally happy with this community's direction and proceedings.

Respecting every fellow clan member regardless of rank, opinion, or disposition is commonplace here. Members in this community are always up for some chatting - and you are always welcome to join us to have a nice conversation!

We also regularly engage in a variety of in-game content!

If this sounds like the community for you, feel free to message a member in-game.

Let us build something great - together!

Founded: Sunday, September 6th, 2015.

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Semi Sweet Semi Sweet Deputy Owner
Stilwell Stilwell Deputy Owner
Grubbinator Grubbinator Coordinator
Fathertime46 Fathertime46 Organiser
Aunt Mary Aunt Mary Organiser
Fallen King Fallen King Admin
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