"Pray for Ally's rng"

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Welcome to Indie!

We are a small, lgbt-friendly clan that focuses mainly on skilling and being social. We welcome more people to guest in our chat, as long as you're respectful. Our clan discord is open for anyone that wants to use it.

There are no requirements to join besides being friendly and cool! To be invited, simply guest in our clan chat and ask a current member to invite you. All members receive admin rank for the avatar as long as you visit the citadel and try to cap when you can.

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Zoog888 Zoog888 Owner
Victree Victree Deputy Owner
Allycian Allycian Deputy Owner
Seismitoad Seismitoad Overseer
Hoverboard Hoverboard Overseer
Donnna Donnna Coordinator
Maximus_A15 Maximus_A15 Coordinator
Hoppip Hoppip Coordinator
SpiderDonut SpiderDonut Coordinator
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