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We are a clan that has some of the most experienced level 3 skillers in the f2p community, If you're interested in joining us and sharing your experience then please guest our chat and ask for a high rank to invite you (admin+)

Our Ranking System:
Recruit: - 1 Million Experience or 465 Total Level
Corporal: 10 Million Experience or 670 Total Level
Sergeant: 20 Million Experience or 735 Total Level
Lieutenant: 30 Million Experience or 770 Total Level
Captain: 50 Million Experience or 820 Total Level
General: 100 Million Experience or 880 Total Level


Admin = Consideration of making a Recruiter

Organizer  = Recruiter

Coordinator = Recruiter/Ranker

Keys = Long time member + progress of previous ranks

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Top Clanmates

85Flyingcat 85Flyingcat Owner
Nose Nose Deputy Owner
Sunni Sunni Deputy Owner
Skechnique Skechnique Overseer
Tigersail641 Tigersail641 Overseer
Feardigens Feardigens Overseer
Habalayon Habalayon Overseer
Sad Stache Sad Stache Organiser
Narcoleptik Narcoleptik Organiser
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