"To be called a refugee is the opposite of an insult; it is a badge of strength."

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We are Refugees!

Both in name and in fact, we are the gathering of a number of disbanded or dying clan-members, as well as those looking for new friends. We welcome everyone who wants to join and gladly invite new pvmers, skillers, or any active members.

Join our discord or our clan chat and engage with our other members, in anything from giant mole to AOD, and everything in between. There are no insane requirements and we will gladly accept almost anyone who wants to join.

We have members everywhere and people ready to help out any time.

We don’t require you to cap at the clan citadel although at this stage in our development it is greatly appreciated. Capping will help you advance in rank while helping the clan citadel to become more useful to yourself and other members.

Our Clan Currently Offers:
+ Tier 6 Citadel
+ Active Discord Server
+ D&D's
+ Skilling Competitions
+ Squad hosted

Forum! 290-291-982-66033134

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PvM - Lootshare 44 14-Feb-19 18:00
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