Relentless Ambition

Relentless Ambition

"Aint nobody got time for a good motto"

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(¸.•´ (¸.•Hello and welcome to Relentless Ambition. We strive to create a drama-free community in which veterans and newer players can cooperate to help obtain goals and have fun together. Maturity is expected of every member; failure to comply with rules and expectations will result in penalties.

=^=^=Guidelines for Levels=^=^=
¤ 100+ Combat Level (We accept everyone, but most people are around this level)
¤ Or 1500+ total level if Skiller

¤ God Wars Dungeon
¤ Nex
¤ Kalphite King
¤ Penguins
¤ Group Dungeoneering
¤ Citadel Skilling
¤ And much more..

We seek to create a community of players with similiar interests and the ability to help lower level players reach new heights and help higher level players obtain their goals and stay entertained.

~*~*~*~Basic Information~*~*~*~
Clan Name : Relentless Ambition
Clan World : 64
Clan Owner : Bold Truth

Our QFC thread: 92-93-899-65221820

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Bold Truth Bold Truth Owner
Kittenish Kittenish Deputy Owner
Mangler13 Mangler13 Overseer
Puppylike Puppylike Overseer
Keepsake Mee Keepsake Mee Overseer
[#IS8X7962K] [#IS8X7962K] Overseer
Mmm Mmmm Mmm Mmmm Organiser
Roseman Roseman Organiser
Fishh Fishh Organiser
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 64 19-Mar-16 20:00
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Atticus290 DIRECTORY AND GENERAL INFO 08-Feb-2020 19:29
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