"Social Skilling clan - Ask any member for an invite if you would like to join"

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Skill School is a social clan which aims to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to all its members while playing and enjoying RuneScape. We aim to bring together all kinds of different people from around the world to help make the gaming experience more enjoyable and give guidance and support to anyone who needs it.

While in the clan you are awarded by your in game achievements earning ranks through experience earned for yourself and the clan, as you progress in the game you also progress within the clan.

If you are interested in joining SkillSchool then feel free to enter our clan chat and get to know us. Please abide by and respect the clans rules, they are posted on the clans forum below.


CLAN RANKS (xp earned in clan)
--Recruit - New members
--Corporal - 5m+
--Sergeant - 20m+
--Lieutenant - 50m+
--Captain - 100m+
--General - 200m+

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Top Clanmates

4D TV 4D TV Overseer
Squirt3r Squirt3r Sergeant
[#M65GFVF90] [#M65GFVF90] Sergeant
[#GI4976777] [#GI4976777] Recruit
[#YEM2CEO25] [#YEM2CEO25] Recruit
[#0OICM7B9Q] [#0OICM7B9Q] Recruit
[#JD9B67239] [#JD9B67239] Recruit
Darkrocker39 Darkrocker39 Recruit
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Author Thread Title Date
Skill School Welcome to SkillSchool 10-Apr-2013 05:55
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