The Lex Legacy

The Lex Legacy

"Risen from the ashes, we are the Lex Legacy. United we stand."

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Current Clan Information:

The Clan is a reincarnated form of a previous clan back in 2010. It was a very strong clan that was among the World 31 council. We are the Legacy of the old Lex Empire. Now we have returned to find a new place in RuneScape.

Home World: 31
Clan Time: Eastern
Clan Hub: Citadel or East Ardougne

There are currently 2 leaders:

Hecless Lex: Ambassador, Skilling, Administration, and Quest Leader
Michi Lex: Citadel Management, Forum management, and Conflict Resolution.

If you have further questions consult the forums. If you still have questions contact Hecless Lex, or Michi Lex for more information.

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Top Clanmates

I Am L4w I Am L4w Owner
Sethhi2 Sethhi2 Corporal
xs3rgalahad xs3rgalahad Corporal
[#P4V0GL7NI] [#P4V0GL7NI] Corporal
[#F3K01FELL] [#F3K01FELL] Corporal
[#R568URU20] [#R568URU20] Recruit
[#PLQA0I8BV] [#PLQA0I8BV] Recruit
Fairy Pirate Fairy Pirate Recruit
Redgen92 Redgen92 Recruit
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Author Thread Title Date
FreyjaLove Welcome to the Lex Legacy! 25-Jul-2014 21:55
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