Universal Souls

Universal Souls

"It's not about the destination; It's all about the journey"

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!'Namaste' <3 Welcome to our little corner in the world of Runescape! Our clan members are souls from all over and our aim is to provide a relaxing, friendly and casual atmosphere for our members. Our primary purpose is to have fun with friends while playing the game. We believe all people of different nationalities, race, beliefs & genders should be able to come together and enjoy each others company in peace as one universal group. ^-^
We are not all about the xp, nor size of our clan. You are welcome to cap, or not; it’s your game!  Whether you have a major amount of XP or just a little; you are welcome to join. We are looking for active, easy going, mature people to welcome in to the family. :)
"Love & Peace to All <3"

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