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¨'°*•›„¸¨¸„‹•*°'¨¨¸„‹•*°'¸„‹•*°   Unmaxed  ¸„‹•*°'¨¸„‹•*°'¸„‹•*°'¨¸„‹•*°'
¸„‹•*°'¨¸„‹•*°.Clan where strong friendship bonds are fostered'**•›„¸

We’re a clan which primarily encourages you to have fun and immerse yourself in game content; supply entertaining and informative conversation, as well as provide help and advice to those who need it.

Whether you are looking for more friends, stuck on a quest, eager for people to co-op Slay, interested in PvM/PvP or after regular Mini game events - this could be a clan for you. We have no combat, or skill level requirements; what is most important to us is your contribution to, and helpfulness in the clan.

Our clan chat is open to everyone, as long as you are Runescape member. You can also join our chat and give it a try before applying.

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Covos Covos Owner
mr farm mr farm Deputy Owner
BlackBetty BlackBetty Deputy Owner
Loup Loup Deputy Owner
Exyn0s Exyn0s Overseer
Duff-Man Duff-Man Overseer
Summum Rex Summum Rex Overseer
Gratz on Vit Gratz on Vit Coordinator
YesoPr0 YesoPr0 Coordinator
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